The Creativity Can Experience is a versatile, hands-on classroom tool for learning the 4C's of 21st century skills - Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration.

Build Your Students'
Creative Confidence Today.

Creativity Can® make anything possible.

Integrate Creativity Can in your classroom and inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

Experience the hushed excitement from students as they open their own Creativity Can and begin to think, imagine, design, create, write and present. Each Creativity Can is filled with the same stimulating craft materials, designed to engage and inspire. Identical starting point, different destination. Why did we design it that way? Find out here.

Use The Big Creativity Can® to encourage small group collaboration and communication in a creative situation. Designed to teach compromise, persuasion, critical thinking and creativity, The Big Creativity Can is filled with fun, thoughtful components such as air-dry clay, foam eggs, felt, glue, pom poms, wiggly eyes, printed paper, etc.

Creativity Cans:

• Open-ended, no directions or no “right vs. wrong” answers
• Filled with simple and fun materials that inspire creativity
• Ready-to-use containers
• Includes curriculum aligned with core standards
• Reinforces the 4C’s of 21st Century Skills
• Convenient – no need to shop around for supplies
• Highly engaging, highly tactile

Many applications for Creativity Can in your school:

• Creative experiences for the classroom, grade or entire school
• Relate to a STEM or STEAM project
• Professional development
• Family and community events
• Reduce test anxiety
• Counseling sessions
• After school activities

Why Creativity Can

Creativity for Kids, the brand that introduced America to a new toy category to promote childhood creativity nearly 40 years ago, is rallying for a Creativity Comeback. Recent studies indicate children's test scores have been declining since 1990 but yet "creativity" is essential for the future success of the human race.

Starting with the premise that "creativity can make anything possible," we developed the "Creativity Can." The Creativity Can, a small container of simple, colorful materials like pipe cleaners, googly eyes and yarn, encourages people of all ages to imagine and invent while while engaging in a brain-activating, hands-on activity and illustrate the power of creativity. The only instructions are to have fun and to be as creative as you can be. There is no right or wrong way to use the material. Creativity Cans develop imagination, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills needed for future success.


Take Their Word For It

Creativity and innovation are two growth mindsets that our students will need in this century to be successful.

Donna Milani Luther, Head of School, Inly Montessori School in Scituate, MA

The children and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I believe having choice and the time to create are two privileges that my students appreciate greatly. It was an open-ended activity that provided the students with the opportunity to be individuals and to proudly share their thoughts, products and extensions.

3rd grade teacher from the Cleveland Heights School District in OH

Our Creativity Can station this past weekend was our biggest hit. There was a waiting list for the children and families to grab an open spot from the time we started till the time we left. We were able to allow kids to have some open-ended fun with the Creativity Cans!

Peter, a creative organization in Irvine, CA

Thank you again for the cans. I got two activities out of it. What wonderful experiences for our students.

Mandy, Teacher, charter school in Phoenix, OR

We had our Leadership LEAP Program yesterday and the kids [11-13 years old] LOVED the Creativity Cans!

Cheryl, District 4-H Program Specialist, Ada, OK

Our event today was unbelievable in so many different ways. We had 105 1st-5th grade children participate in our program and it was simply amazing. The children worked together to create the most amazing structures, people, animals, robots etc.

Christina, Kids Club Chair from Darien, CT

We are so overly tested in this [3rd] grade that it was really great to see my students’ reactions when we told them to play with the materials and be creative. Awesome.

3rd grade teacher from the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District in OH

Gallery #CreativityCan

View our gallery of more than 1,200 Creativity Can creations. Show us your picture. Post to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #creativitycan or upload here.

Who is creativity for Kids

Creativity Counts®: We believe creativity develops children’s problem solving and critical thinking skills needed to achieve lifelong success.

We are Faber-Castell®, a 255+ year old global company designing and producing products for Enriching Lives Through Creativity and Self-Expression.

Our Creativity for Kids® division has been developing craft and activity products since 1976.  Several years ago, we learned about the “Creativity Crisis” and that children’s creativity scores have been declining at the same time as educators, scientists and corporations have declared that creativity is the number ONE skill needed for the future. We felt it was our mission to act and spark a nationwide discussion. We produced the Creativity Can, distributing over 95,000 of them across the USA and Canada, with awesome results.

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