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Top 10 Creativity Can School Pack Questions

Top 10 Questions about Creativity Can

 1. What is inside the Creativity Can®?

Each Creativity Can includes more than 20 different items, such as feathers, bells, wood sticks, special papers, chenille stems, tubing, plastic wheels, foam shapes, glue and more. The materials and colors have been thoughtfully chosen for their ability to inspire breakthrough creativity.
The complete School Pack includes 24 Creativity Cans and a printed Teacher Guide/Lesson Plan which links to core curriculum standards and provides ideas for implementation.

 2. The Creativity Cans are different colors on the outside. Are they all the same inside?

Although the outside packaging has different colors, the inside materials are exactly the same.

 3. Why would you make them different colors? My students are going to complain they want a different color. 

We made the Cans in a color palette designed to be fun and inviting, but also to spark a dialogue. For the curious student to ask, “are the cans different?” or “what do the colors mean?” is the perfect opportunity to illustrate each student has the same starting point or opportunity, but the results can be very different. No two creations are the same and that’s why we need creativity.

Social Emotional Language Connection: while the outside look may be different just like people, on the inside, technically, we are all made up of the same parts. It’s our experiences, how we express ourselves, our imaginations and the management of emotions that makes us all unique.

 4. Can’t I do this myself by going to a craft or dollar store and buying all the materials?

Yes, you could do that. We recognize many materials are often purchased directly by a teacher on a limited budget.
The Creativity Can is more than the sum of its parts.  The experience works so well because of the combination of the particular components, the fact that everything you need is already assembled in the Can, and the Can itself.  The Can is often used as part of the creation or saved to hold leftover pieces and parts.
Children respond to its appealing shape and the idea that the contents are a mystery. They express surprise and delight when they discover what is inside. This sets the stage for a special breakthrough experience that is totally different from the everyday norm and sets up an atmosphere where imagination and creativity flourish.

 5. Why did the company choose these simple craft materials?

Since 1976, we have been making creative activity products under the Creativity for Kids brand. We are Play Experts, we are parents and we are teachers, so we know how children learn and respond to materials. Our developers have access to thousands of components in which we select those that inspire and encourage creativity. The materials are so simple and open-ended they spark new and unusual uses. And because they are accessible and low-tech, there are few barriers impeding students’ ability to manipulate them to achieve their desired results. Creativity Can School Packs meet or exceed U.S. safety standards as determined by independent laboratory testing.
The simpler the materials, the more students can keep an open mind. The Creativity Can Experience is often at the beginning of a deeper subject matter in which you want your students to be open-minded and ready to problem-solve, invent or brainstorm.

 6. I need to bring creativity into the classroom. And I need low-cost and easy, creative ideas to fit my budget. 

The Creativity Can is an easy, complete solution, ready to go without needing any additional materials.  It’s convenience and versatility allow it to enrich a variety of educational strategies and curriculum objectives. No additional materials are needed for a unique and valuable experience which sparks creativity and invention.
We have had teachers write grants or ask the PTA to help fund the activity. We have also had teachers purchase one school pack, run the activity and then budget for the following year for the entire grade level.

      7. Is the Creativity Can reusable?

    Unlike makerspaces in schools or makerspaces in libraries, once the materials are used, the creation is not typically deconstructed. We find that most children want to take their creation home, or it gets displayed around the classroom.
    For the items not used during class, we recommend storing the left over materials in a plastic bin. Those materials can be used on a lesson about recycling and upcycling (encourage students to bring items from home!), for starting your own makerspace in the classroom or creating a fast finisher corner.


     8. Is this a once-and-done activity?

    The Creativity Can has many uses and generates other activities such as writing, puppet shows, videos and other dramatic presentations where the items created are employed. 
    The Creativity Can Classroom Experience is more than the “can” itself.  It is the catalyst for engaging the students in a conversation about the topic of Creativity, eliciting their ideas and experiences, and underling the importance of creative expression and innovation. 
    The follow-up activities are also crucial.  Having the opportunity to share and display their creations develops public speaking skills. The creations can be the main idea in a narrative, descriptive, expository, or persuasive writing piece.


      9. What are the recommended ages or grades for the Creativity Can School Pack?

    Creativity should be incorporated into every classroom, lesson and grade level. Every child is naturally creative, the struggles is how to keep the creativity going as you get older.

    The recommended grade for the Creativity Can Experience is 3rd grade or higher. K-2 can absolutely create, enjoy and play with the Creativity Can, they may need adult assistance in assembling, gluing and cutting.

    For grades 3-6, Creativity Can works best when the objective is open-ended with one instruction – “create anything you want.” Creativity Can School Packs promote a safe project environment to teach trial and error, cause and effect, patience and problem-solving.

    Creativity for grades 7-12 could be centered around design thinking, a hands-on interpretation of a lesson or a fun reward day.

    Creativity Cans have also been used by professionals for an adult ice breaker or team building workshops. Check out The BIG Creativity Can for group team building activities or teacher professional development.

    10. How do I place an order, how many school packs do I need and when will my order ship?

    You may place orders through using a credit card. You will receive emails with your order confirmation/receipt and tracking when the School Packs ship. Should your school need to use a Purchase Order, please click here to submit a request.


    For an individual activity, one Creativity Can per student. If you have more than 24 students, it is recommended you purchase an additional School Pack. Extra Cans can be used as a reward, given to the guidance counselors or put in the makerspaces, libraries or fast finisher corner, etc.


    The BIG Creativity Can School Pack has 6 BIG Cans and each Can has enough materials for small groups of 4-6 people. Therefore, for a classroom or after school craft activity with 24-36 students, one school pack will be sufficient.


    Creativity Can School Packs usually ship within a few business days.






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