Energize Your Classroom

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Energize Your Classroom

Brain Boost - Recharge - Lift Classroom Spirit 


Creativity Cans® motivate your students and energize the classroom with a unique, hands-on creative activity. 

We have observed that the Creativity Cans boost morale. The Cans are appealing, different and there is an element of surprise, like a "blind bag." The chubby colorful 3D shape and versatile materials grab students' attention and a hushed excitement fills the room as they brainstorm, concentrate and become fully immersed in this productive activity.  This is unlike any standard worksheet activity. Your students will be talking about this for weeks to come. 

While your students' imaginations are set free, they are truly developing 21st Century skills such as the 4C's (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking) and SEL skills of listening, empathy, and working with peers.

The Creativity Can School Pack allows each student to have their own Creativity Can. This was designed to give each student the same opportunity to be engaged and creative.

Prevent the doldrums and academic fatigue by ordering a School Pack for your classroom today.